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Intensive Outpatient Program

The structure and flow of this 12-week IOP program is to address the eating disorder in three main areas:

  • Week 1-4: Understanding the ED and Breaking Maladaptive behaviors

  • Week 4-8: Stabilization and Creating Healthy Coping Skills

  • Week 8-12: Maintain and Body Image Work

Each phase is conducted over the course of four weeks with the program ending after 12 weeks. White Pine Center’s eating disorder program comes from a trauma-informed approach. This program recognizes the need to address underlying traumatic experiences that guide eating disordered behavior and build upon a client’s strengths to heal from his/her trauma history.


Overall, the goals created by the program are:

  1. Stabilized weight (if needed) and nutritional rehabilitation

  2. Reduced compensatory behaviors though increased healthy coping skills

  3. Decrease in eating disorder thoughts and distorted body image thoughts

Binge Eating IOP

This intensive outpatient program for the binge eating population will concentrate on the behaviors and thoughts patterns of the binging behavior.  The curriculum will be based on evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It will also include nutrition therapy to address and establish healthy eating. 


The course will take place over a 12-week period with the schedule as follows:

  • Week 1-4: Understanding BED and Breaking Maladaptive Behaviors

  • Week 4-8: Stabilization and Creating Healthy Coping Skills

  • Week 8-12: Body Image and Body Cues (hunger, fullness, etc)

Over the course of the 12 weeks for each IOP, a client will have the opportunity to address the root cause of the eating disorder and begin to expand his/her insight into what fuels his/her disordered eating. A client will be able to process what surfaces during IOP sessions with a counselor in individual sessions which are offered as additional support during the program. Family/couple sessions are also offered to help the entire family dynamic that has been affected by this disorder and to help create a safe environment for healing for all members of the family unit.

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