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PRESS RELEASE: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Updated: Mar 14

Erie’s New Healing Center Promotes National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

White Pine Center for Healing, Erie-area’s only center supporting individuals, is launching their new website just in time for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 22 - February 28, 2021, and hosting free and live Facebook events the following week at 11:30am (

  • Monday, March 1: Eating Disorders: The Perfect Storm

  • Tuesday, March 2: Types of Therapies that We Offer

  • Wed, March 3: Gifts of Imperfection: Embracing Who You Are book by Brene Brown

  • Thurs, March 4: Off. The. Cuff. Family Therapy

  • Fri, March 5: The REAL Intuitive Eating Program

White Pine Center for Healing helps those experiencing or recovering from eating disorders, body image issues, weight stigma, and trauma. They promote healing, recovery, prevention and guide individuals through their recovery journey.

White Pine Center for Healing was the recipient of a Marketing Scholarship donated by a contributing team of creative partners - Jenny Poff, Alex Lockwood, VCC, and Aurora Exhibits. The group donated more than $6,000 worth of brand development, promotional materials, refreshed website, email marketing, blog articles, and social content to kick-start their community awareness.

“Working with Jenny to build a more professional look, to help us communicate clearly what we do and offer to our Erie community, has been a thought-provoking and impressive experience. We now have the tools and confidence we need to reach out to regional partners, expand our educational programming, and offer more treatment programs to those in the Erie area,” said Mary Machuga, Executive Director.

White Pine Center for Healing engages businesses, organizations, and more importantly schools and family centers to provide prevention and treatment options for individuals and their loved ones. Treatments include classes, support groups, individual therapy, clinical assessments, referrals, and evidence-based programs. Early intervention for eating disorders is critical for individuals to recover and grow into a healthy lifestyle.

White Pine Center for Healing offers classes in Body Image and Intuitive Eating to help create a positive relationship between mind, body, and food and develop a healthy body image. Click here for more information or contact us at 814-461-5617.

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