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Eat Breathe Thrive

The Eat Breathe Thrive Curriculum combines yoga, psychoeducation, and community support to help people eat mindfully, build resilience, and feel better in their bodies.

Program Components


A Whole Person Approach

Learn to better understand and make meaning of mental health challenges, and use this insight to transform how you eat, move, and build your life.

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Fellowship & Community

The live format of this course allows you to connect with a small group, share challenges and celebrations, and support one another along the way.


Yoga for Every Body

Each session includes a short yoga and meditation practice, designed specifically to support body awareness, emotional wellbeing, and physical vitality.


Evidence-based Approach

The Eat Breathe Thrive curriculum has been the subject of four research studies, two of which are randomized controlled trials.


This program has played a huge role in changing my life for the better. I can proudly say I am walking away with what I hope to be lifelong friends. If you are searching for ways to be in tune with your body and show it the love and respect it deserves, so that in turn your body can do the same for you... then join your local Eat Breathe Thrive program.”

- Lindsey, Program Graduate

Meet the Instructor

Kelly White

Kelly brings an extensive background in movement, psychology, and nutrition. While an avid yoga lover for many years, Kelly completed Yoga Teacher Training and has taught many classes throughout our community. She completed her master's degree in Nutrition Science, holds her undergraduate in developmental psychology, and is actively pursuing CNS credentialing. Kelly is able to combine her yoga training, nutrition knowledge, and psychological application as a complement to our clinical staff and community outreach.

Forest Path

No Cost to Attend!

Thanks to the grant we received from the Aerie Real Foundation, our Eat Breathe Thrive program is free!

Upcoming Sessions

​May 23rd - July 25th on Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00pm​

May 24th - July 26th on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm

August 1st - Sept. 27th on Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00pm


Space is limited! If applying, we ask that you commit to all 7 sessions.

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